mardi 2 décembre 2014

Enough for today

Some more updates

Amongst other things  is also Nike world cup
for which I did some early visual development and illustrations

I hate neverending blogs.

Since I am mostly working on pre-production development,
there is almost nothing I can share.
Here are two recent productions that finally went delivered.

I did lots of pictures to define Asterix 3D look.

mercredi 10 août 2011

Le chat du rabbin, some color set ups

I did some color experiments for Le chat du Rabbin, the movie, while I was still in Jerusalem. This didn't go very far. I didn't have much time to give to this project. It was a good experience nethertheless and meeting Joan Sfar was a pleasure. It is rare enough in this profession to find people who have some other interests apart from animation; who know were all this comes from. We talked about Matisse, the orientalists in general, especially some very graphic color solutions which were used for travel posters during the Twenties. Some art deco stuff to talk brifely.
The result is a highly saturated and non-realistic use of color. It is subjective and allusive.
Blue is not the color of anything in the room. It is the color that piano music gives to this chamber.
I might publish some more of this color script later on.